Delivering Expertise in Design, Analysis, Inspection and Management

Sahara proudly offers world class testing and inspection services to clients in the mining and resources sector. With a team boasting extensive experience in inspection, testing and assaying across the globe, we’re well equipped to handle a variety of complex scenarios, to deliver desired project outcomes. Strategically placed around the world, Sahara’s network of specialists creates the foundation for a trusted partnership for operators across Africa, Australia and North America.

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Our Services

Sahara Natural Resources provides access to an extensive group of experts within testing and inspection services across mining. Our group of experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in testing and inspection, to meet your project specifications and are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology to provide you with high quality data.

Sahara’s global reach in testing and inspection service delivery connects both private and parastatal companies with quality assured experience in bulk minerals commodity sampling, weight verification, inspections and testing of precious metals, base metals and various minerals commodities.

With expertise across multiple industries, Sahara’s testing and inspection service providers excel in the identification, monitoring and management of contaminants and hazardous materials in water, air, and soil.

Mobile Sample Preparation Units

Sahara can connect your business with third-party access to mobile sample preparation units to equip your business with the operations of a full laboratory facility. Sahara-affiliated mobile laboratories provide high quality lab equipment and controlled environments for accurate geochemical or assay data.

pXRF Sales & Support

Sahara offers sales and support services in pXRF devices, giving strategic advice that aides in purchasing the right equipment for your needs, as well as providing training and learning courses for individuals and teams. Sahara will assist your team in determining the correct instrument for use, depending on the material and metals analysed.

Inspection Services

Sahara specialises in the inspection, verification, sampling, sample preparation, moisture determination and preparation of final quality samples for a variety of bulk mineral commodities at mine sites, ports and holding depots.

Minesite Lab Management

Sahara has personnel that deliver mine site lab management services. With extensive experience providing turn-key solutions in laboratory re-design, equipment installation, management of personnel, and management of fully-fledged laboratories, we complement an operator’s staff and management with strategic consultancy.

Bulk Commodity Testing & Inspection

Sahara is experienced in proving high quality stockpile management services of bulk mineral commodities for testing and inspection services. Our specialist teams have capacity to undertake verification of various weighing systems to ascertain validity of weighing devices.

Geotechnical Laboratories

Sahara’s geotechnical specialists and partner consultants provide high quality testing services that can be conducted on or off site. Our geotechnical experts are experienced within sample management & storage, field supervision and geotechnical testing to provide your business with accurate and reliable data.

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