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At Sahara, we are all about finding solutions to help make your project as economic, productive and safe as possible. Our team has a wealth of experience in mining, each bringing a unique set of skills to the projects we take on.

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Our Services

Due Diligence and Project Reviews

Due diligence plays a key role in the success of the sale or acquisition of every company. At Sahara, we undertake intensive research and background checks to gain an in-depth analysis of any business, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions.

Our consulting services are customised to meet all your needs and can include interviewing and analytics, company or business reviews, and sophisticated financial analysis to build a strong understanding of the investment’s potential.

Project Generation

Our skilled geoscientists and business development staff have vast experience in project generation, utilising a comprehensive exploration strategy and mineral exploration techniques aimed at generating new (greenfield) or existing (brownfield) projects.

From the outset, Sahara’s consulting services have a vested focus on delivering quality projects, which can be transformed into strong and profitable deals for clients. Our comprehensive approach, combined with our long-term mindset, minimises project risks, no matter the mineral type.

Resource Estimates

Mineral resource estimates play a key role in the value appraisal of mining projects and attracting investors and media interest. At Sahara, our consulting services include the provision of pinpoint estimates to clients for reporting purposes.

With our extensive knowledge and strengths in structural geology, ore deposit geology, geostatistical theory and database management, our consultants utilise international best practice techniques, such as mineralisation models to increase the level of confidence in mineral or ore estimations.

NI 43-101 & JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) Reports

Looking to outsource your reporting? Sahara can take care of all your mineral project reports (Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves). We can interpret and distil key information concerning your mineral properties, inclusive of mineral exploration, development, and production activities.

Our adept and qualified consultants possess strong geological, technical and economic knowledge. With over a decade of experience delivering reporting consultancy services, we are confident in ensuring our reports meet internationally accepted standards (Canada and Australia).

Mine Optimisation and Management

The economic viability of the modern-day mine is dependent on careful planning and management. Sahara utilises a wide array of integrated consulting techniques, with technical field support deployed to problem-solve at key stages of the mining value chain, right from exploration to decommissioning.

Our mine optimisation and management consulting services enable you to maintain long term profitability and mitigate risks at all costs, no matter the mineral type or mining method. Our combined approach of disciplines of geology, mining and metallurgy delivers a high-quality project – safely, on schedule, and within budget.

Feasibility Studies

Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS) and Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS) are a crucial stage in evaluating the viability of a project, its logistics, and whether the mineral resource can be mined economically.

At Sahara, we advise clients on the economic viability of their projects with an approach that provides a basis for detailed design and construction, as well as financing the next investment stages.

Project Valuation

Financial modelling plays a significant role in project evaluation. Our mining consultants utilise a wide array of approaches to accurately estimate the value of projects, assets and properties, and its economic feasibility.

Our intensive cash flow modelling enables you to address the timeliness of project debt service payments for lenders and the adequacy of returns for investors. We offer technical financial models to enable you to better understand the value of the projects and optimise planning throughout the mine cycle.

Mining Engineering

Mine consultancy plays a crucial role in enhancing safety and performance while mitigating risks in the engineering and design process of a mine.

Sahara’s mining engineers possess extensive experience, having worked on various global projects spanning a multitude of commodities. Leveraging this knowledge, we can provide valuable assistance in coordinating, managing and implementing solutions to optimise a mine’s efficiency and growth.

Process Engineering

Process engineering is essential to enhancing the management of operational risks. Sahara specialises in providing hazard assessments and consulting services focused on process safety, performance, and sustainability.

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