Mining is thirsty business, which means groundwater resources are essential for the economic viability of your project, particularly those in remote locations with limited access to pipelines and associated infrastructure.


Sahara’s experienced hydrogeologists analyse the distribution of groundwater in soil and rocks to determine the best solutions for your project.

Our specialised services include groundwater modelling, exploration and monitoring, borehole logging, aquifer analysis and more.

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Our Services

Groundwater Modelling

We can generate 3D geological models of aquifer systems by integrating our skills in structural and geological interpretation with our robust equipment and computer software.

We’re able to simulate and predict the various conditions of aquifers and also generate accurate groundwater flow systems. You can count on us in providing real situation computer models of groundwater and determining its various changes.

Groundwater Exploration

Our dedicated hydrogeologists work together as a team and have the wide range of skills needed to explore for groundwater resources. Our tailor-made solutions cover scoping, feasibility studies, exploration and development of the groundwater. We reduce your risks and provide the best timely service at competitive rates.

Borehole Logging

Our trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment can confidently tell if a borehole has enough water and whether it needs additional treatment or not. This cost-effective method not only saves you time, but also provides reliable information about your borehole project.

Groundwater Monitoring

At Sahara, we monitor aquifers for agricultural use, domestic use, municipal use, etc. Our routine sampling and monitoring services are done according to accepted quality standards and they aid you to evaluate and predict contaminant transport if present in the groundwater. Our specially designed monitoring programs are tailored to meet both our clients and regulatory needs.

Hydrochemical and Hydrogeological Assessment

We assess both the quality and quantity of groundwater resources and determine the chemical framework of groundwater and its interaction with surrounding rocks. We’re your go-to expert to solve all your hydrogeological needs. We assess its electrical conductivity, pH, desired cations and anions to ensure that the groundwater is within the permissible limits of World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (GDWQ).

We also assess the proposed project’s impact on nearby wells, streams, and other sensitive receptors which might be affected. We evaluate its level of risk and identify possible mitigation plans.

Aquifer Analysis

Our technical expertise and timely service aid in analysing all your groundwater projects. A controlled field test will help you estimate all the hydraulic properties of the aquifer, including its transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity and storability. Our tests include the pumping, constant-head and slug tests.

Surface Water Assessment and Management

Since surface water is easily accessible, it can easily become contaminated, and without proper management can rapidly be depleted. This is why it’s crucial for operations to efficiently manage their surface water resources for sustainability.

You can count on us to provide excellent surface water services to eliminate contamination and optimise the uptake of surface water resources.

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