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We’re with you throughout the lifetime of your operations.

Sahara Natural Resources offers exploration to mining services with a difference, bringing support to every stage of your project, from early development to production, mine closure and reclamation. We bring global mining expertise, leveraging a wealth of experience and insight to deliver transformative mining solutions.

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Exploration to Mining Services

Exploration to Mining encompasses a subset of services that are required at various stages of a mining operation’s lifetime. At Sahara, we have invested heavily in our people and equipment to ensure that we can capably offer technical support throughout the entire lifetime of a project.

Established predominantly in West Africa and Western Australia, our engagement can be tailored to suit the period and scope of works that you require. Our flexibility to scale with the stage of the project, is a cost-effective solution for mining operators that does not compromise on outcomes.

Evaluation and Acquisition

 Ensuring in depth due diligence and financial modelling within project evaluation and acquisition is key to making sure your project is as economically viable as possible. Our extensive knowledge utilises a wide array of approaches to accurately estimate the value of projects and their economic feasibility.

Geophysical Surveying

Surveying is an essential within mine development. At Sahara we have expertise and experience across all areas of mine surveying in Africa and beyond, with skilled technicians utilising the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques.

Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical services play a key role in the success of mining project. Sahara’s team of geotechnical engineers offer a full suite of services to ensure efficiency and safety across the life of your operations.

Hydrogeology Services

Equipping your project with access to groundwater resources is essential to its economic viability. Through Sahara’s hydrogeologist team, we provide analysis of groundwater distribution to determine the best approaches for your project, among an array of other specialised water services.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Optimising the sustainability of your project with respect to the local environment, is essential to enhancing social impact assessment conformance. Sahara can assist mining operators with a range of technical assessments and action plans that ultimately enhance environmental outcomes.

Contract Mining

If you are looking to add expertise to your mining team or contract solutions to build capacity in your mining projects, Sahara can assist with the mobilisation of mining experts and teams for short or long-term engagements.

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