Sahara’s Mines 4 Sale (M4S) program is an interactive platform that connects interested buyers with sellers to aid in the acquisition and divestment of exploration and mining assets in Africa.

Our expert team can also provide consultancy services in acquisition negotiations, language translations, technical presentations and legal issues to guide you through the process of selling or buying a project.

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Due diligence plays a key role in the success of the sale or acquisition of every company. We carry out intensive research and background checks to gain an in-depth analysis of any business to enable investors to make well-informed decisions.

Our cost-effective services are tailored to all your needs and include client interviewing and analytics, company or business reviews, and sophisticated financial analysis to build a strong understanding of the investment’s potential.

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We utilise a comprehensive exploration strategy by applying cutting-edge mineral exploration techniques aimed at generating new or existing projects.

Our skilled geoscientists, engineers, and business development specialists have extensive experience delivering quality projects which can be transformed into strong and beneficial deals for clients and mining companies. Our approach greatly minimises project risks at all costs no matter the mineral type and leverages greater efficiency throughout the project cycle.

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Negotiation is an essential component for the growth of business. Our extensive expertise in brokering negotiation deals for clients can help you through difficult negotiations. Our well-trained consultants perform this service using proven strategies in line with internationally accepted best practice.

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