Oil and gas projects are often positioned in far, remote locations with limited access to necessary infrastructure. 

At Sahara, our team has expertise across all aspects of greenfields and brownfields oil and gas exploration and development, helping take projects from early-stage exploration to production, minimise costs for our clients, and improve safety.

 Our core services include geophysics to support the search for petroleum deposits; surveying; general contracting services to aid in the development of assets; navigation; autonomous backhaul; asset monitoring, and more.

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Geophysics is an important tool in exploring for petroleum reserves and resources, providing detailed investigations of petroleum systems. At Sahara, we utilise a wide range of geophysical tools to increase your understanding of the Earth’s subsurface in searching for petroleum deposits.

Our solutions include acoustic logging, borehole seismic, petrophysics, seismic imaging, 2D and 3D seismic data processing, and seismic reservoir characterisation. Using our tools, we can greatly increase the precision and accuracy of reservoir systems including its structure, depth, shape, and lateral extent. Our experienced team of geologists and geophysicists have expert skills in exploring the West African terrain and have been providing geophysical data and services to major explorers throughout Africa and beyond.

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Precise mapping is critical to the overall success of oil and gas projects. We utilise state-of-the-art tools such as drones and satellites to provide quick and accurate data collection for oil and gas development.

Our onboard sensors such as radar, lidar, hyperspectral, and thermal on our aerial vehicles provide in-depth information about petroleum structures.

We utilise the latest technology and software to maximise field productivity and produce the highest quality deliverables to meet exploration and production project requirements.

Our geospatial services cover offshore rigs, FPSO’s, oil and gas pipelines, haulage ships, oil storage tanks, refineries, etc. In addition, we provide pipeline right of way demarcation, mapping services for well sites and onshore drilling support services.

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During the exploration phase of an oil and gas project, safety and connectivity is an issue for many businesses working out of remote locations with limited infrastructure. Through our partners, we have the ability to create a tailored blend of high-speed broadband and satellite phone services for you to use in such areas, so no infrastructure costs are needed. This allows for a streamlined exploration process and improved safety for workers as information can easily be shared.

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Navigation and positioning play a key role in oil and gas exploration. At Sahara, we utilise a wide array of robust tools such as global mobile satellites, sensors and systems providing data for offshore vessels in real-time. We continually develop efficient, reliable, and cost-effective marine navigation systems for our clients.

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Through our network of trusted partners, we provide quality environmental solutions in oil spill response and oil waste management. We take care of all the required equipment and services in solving issues related to oil spills. Our satellite and drone imagery solutions can also track oil spills effectively through a bird’s eye view of the lateral extent and all that is needed in mitigating risk and providing actionable information for decision making.

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Automating drilling equipment can significantly reduce costs and improve production efficiencies and safety for oil and gas personnel. However, automation requires constant connection between the drilling sensors and the network to ensure equipment will last in harsh environments.

At Sahara, we employ the use of a wireless network mesh and a backup 3G+ network to secure the connection. This connection also ensures the network is capable of running real-time diagnostics as any lost time can lead to a decline in production.

Inmarsat’s proprietary technology allows for all communication to be carried out safely and securely. Additionally, there’s an emergency failover which ensures connection 99.9% of the time for smooth operations.

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Oil and gas production, processing, and distribution systems and infrastructure must be as efficient as possible. At Sahara, we provide a range of precise and cost-effective monitoring services for every stage of the project lifecycle, for assets such as oil and gas platforms/rig environments, oil and gas pipelines, oil storage tanks, etc.

Our robust tools and analytics provide great insights on all your operations and assets in near real-time and reduce the number of visits to sites by operators, leading to more efficiency, safety, and better time management for employees.

This integrated monitoring approach involves using aerial solutions by utilising satellite and drone imagery, and global communication tools and sensors. We can also easily monitor drilling, gas leaks, pressure, pipelines etc. via our sensor installations and transmit the data through our communication network in real-time.

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