Structural strength and stability are essential for all infrastructure projects.

To ensure your roads and bridges are compliant with relevant safety and government regulations, we undertake various testing to give you and your stakeholders further assurance. 

Our services include site investigations, laboratory testing, in-situ monitoring, foundation engineering, quality material sourcing, UAV surveying, geotechnical investigations and more to help reduce your project risks and future-proof your assets.

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We are the go-to company to investigate unforeseen on-ground conditions using our comprehensive techniques, including in-situ testing, laboratory testing, in-situ monitoring, drilling, and exploratory techniques.

We handle all aspects of site investigations from desk study right to validation to precisely determine the suitability of the proposed site for construction and the potential ground difficulties or instabilities. Our team also understands that a good site investigation is a great investment as it reduces extra unforeseen operational costs.

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We carry out a series of laboratory tests to determine the geotechnical properties of soils such as the grain-size distribution, plasticity, compressibility, and shear strength. Through our findings, we can make incisive decisions about the ideal foundation, whether deep or shallow for civil engineering projects.

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At Sahara, we understand that the quality of rocks and sand for construction contribute to the overall success of the project. Our dedicated, adept and well-experienced geotechnical engineers and geologists ensure that careful and detailed studies are carried out in determining the properties of rocks and sands. This is done to ensure that the correct rock type is utilised for the right construction type based on their physical and chemical qualities.

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Our seasoned drone pilots are capable of providing essential data for your project sites such as 3D maps, orthomosaic maps, point cloud models and digital terrain models (DSM). We deliver quality solutions in a timely fashion by utilising our robust UAVs to collect highly accurate data. We can also conduct regular monitoring programs for all your construction projects.

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We ensure that all risks related to tailings dam construction are eliminated by carrying out detailed investigations. This includes laboratory tests to derive vital information to understand the geotechnical behaviours of mine tailings including seepage, deformation, strength, as well as seismic responses. No matter the type of mineral, our services are tailored made to meet all your needs.

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Our team is highly skilled to handle all geotechnical investigations with respect to airfields, pipes and conveyors. We critically investigate surface and subsurface conditions of your proposed site to determine its suitability to hold airfields, pipes and conveyors. You can count on us to prevent adverse environmental impacts through our quality services.

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To prevent unintentional structural failure, our quality monitoring services team can assess structural movements, changes and vibrations to determine potential risks. Monitoring provides the right information needed to support a safe living and working environment. Our team of experienced engineers, designers, and consultants can help you maintain oversight of your structure no matter its size or age.

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