Building port and railway infrastructure requires collaboration between government, policymakers, local residents, financial institutions, contractors and more.

At Sahara, we offer detailed Environmental Impact Assessments for all rail and port operations to help get your project over the line.

Our geologists and geotechnical engineers can also help you determine the correct rocks to be using for your railway ballast.

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Ballast plays a critical role in the overall strength of rails. At Sahara, our team of experienced geologists and geotechnical engineers ensure that competent rocks are chosen to be fragmented for your rail line project/s. We conduct laboratory testing to determine the physical and chemical properties of the rocks to deem them fit to be used as railway ballast.

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We probe deep into projects to determine all potential effects with the view of eliminating potential adverse impacts. Our team engage all stakeholders within the project space including government, policymakers, financial institutions, inhabitants, etc. to create our well-crafted and detailed Environmental Impact Assessments.

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