Precision farming is the process of using technology and data analysis to make farming more accurate and profitable for business. 

At Sahara, we can take the guesswork out of farming to make your agribusiness more impactful and sustainable with increased production and reduced costs.

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With a rapidly changing world, innovative ways of increasing agricultural production are highly important. We enable you to collect vital data from hard-to-reach areas on your farm using our high-resolution drones.

Through drone imagery, we can give farmers the confidence to make well-informed decisions, in turn maximising crop yields and increasing overall profitability. You can count on us to collect quality farm data such as livestock and plant health, soil quality, nutrient measurements, soil moisture, etc.

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Traditional ways of collecting farm data or monitoring farms by on-site visits tend to waste time, energy, and resources.

Our high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics provide greater insight from your farms to help boost your production as well as revenue. We utilise radar and optical satellite data to accurately collect data concerning your crop or animal farms.

Some key applications include;

  • Monitoring crop health
  • Estimating the timing of harvest
  • Predicting in-season yields
  • Detecting and controlling pests and disease
  • Understanding water and nutrient status
  • Planning crop nutrition programmes and
  • Informing in-season irrigation
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Mapping can give you a bird’s eye view of your farm and the ability to record how your farmland is utilised over time. We have the capacity of accurately mapping your farm using GPS equipment and aerial photography to assist you in planning and development. Through our service, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about land use, how to use your land more cost-effectively, and better manage your pasture.

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Soil is an integral resource to every farmer and can make or break your farming operations. At Sahara, we provide services that allow farmers to accurately collect data to characterise nutrient levels in their soil.

  • Tip resistance (bearing capacity)
  • Local (sleeve) friction
  • Pore pressure
  • Inclination
  • Speed
  • Shear wave velocity
  • Seismic measurement
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Soil fertility management is highly crucial in the overall success of crop production. It is important for organic growers to understand the nutrient requirements of specific plants in order to grow, the value of applied nutrients, as well as the nutrient removal rate by crops during harvest.

We utilise a strategic approach in soil sampling and testing to provide precise and accurate soil analysis for agriculture clients to enable them to achieve maximum crop quality and revenue with an understanding of soil fertility, nutrient content, and any presence of potentially harmful organisms.

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